Chapter 3 of Wycombe District Council’s Local Plan states that the first of their 8 strategic objectives is to “Cherish the Chilterns’.

WDC highlight how “…conserving and enhancing the natural beauty of the landscape of the AONB is […] central to the strategy of the Local Plan.”

They then go on to say “…this objective is not just about the part of the hills that are designated [AONB]: it is about valuing the heritage and influence of the hills throughout the District”

We find these statements to be disingenuous. WDC’s flawed plans for massive and inappropriate development in the Risborough Area, will have an irrevocable and detrimental impact on the AONB setting.

WDC’s local plan is packed with grand statements and reassuring promises, but the detail of the local plan and the contemptuous treatment of local communities, suggests a different fate. WDC’s words are hollow.

If the local plan goes ahead in its current form, Risborough’s unique landscape and countryside will be destroyed to build expensive homes that young people and families will not be able to afford. While the promised infrastructure will never arrive, leaving our ‘new’ and divided town to fail before it had a chance.

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